"Congrats on the 90+ ratings.  
I think your cigars may have been the 
highest most consistent rated sticks that we have reviewed."

Jason - Cigar Geeks
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Inspired by a passion for a great cigar and a family legacy of old-style Cuban tradition, Valeroso introduces a new and exciting line of premium cigars.

Co-founders Sean Hadley and Marie Cabrera have combined their unique talents to create a rich, full flavored cigar expertly hand crafted at the Quesada factory.

The first line of Valeroso is Primavera and comes in eight different sizes ranging from medium to medium-full.  With a three county blend from Nicaragua, Dominican and Ecuador, the cigars are incredibly flavorful and complex.

We realize there are many choices of cigars out there and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and maintaining consistency in our product. The satisfaction of each person who smokes our cigars is our priority and we want you to come back again and again.  Proud to have Texas roots, Valeroso also offers a little "Southern Hospitality".

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